northern california portrait photographer

day 61

The wee one amazes me!  We raised money for her fantastic school by collecting donations for the annual walk-a-thon.  She completed 36 laps!  That is a total of 9 miles!  She dunked the school principal in one throw and had an absolutely amazing time!

day 61 I am so thankful to everyone who donated!  The wee one killed it!

day 62

Old doors!  Old doors that will be replaced soon are making me happy today.  I thought the dogs had zero interest in the cat litter box.  I was wrong!  So hubby took the door off and cut a hole in it so the dogs can't go in anymore.  The cat had no problem adjusting to the quick change.  Luckily these doors will be replaced and a proper cat door will be installed.

day 62 thank you for replaceable doors and the hubby who quickly fixed our problem!

day 70

Oh happy day!

I received my first set of scans back!  Most of the images are purely for learning purposes so the composition is pretty crummy but some I really worked on and they came out ok.  It has been so much fun slowing down the process of creating an image and seeing the light a new way.  Learning how to use a light meter and trust my meter has been a struggle.  I am so use to my Canon 5D Mark III.  I am not sure how much I will shoot film because it is rather pricey.  But so far I am hooked and addicted to it.  I have a bunch of new film sitting in the freezer right now.  Plus all of that expired film in there too.  I can't wait until I am confident in my film photography.  There is something about film that just can't be captured digitally.  The presets that I have to make digital images look like film are good but there is nothing like the real thing!

I shot this roll with my Canon AE-1 Program and a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400.

day 70 thank you for the small surprise that was delivered in my scans.  I'm happy there were a handful of images that I can be proud of.

day 87

Today wasn't incredibly exciting.  It was your average Sunday.  Do laundry, make sure school stuff is ready for Monday, vacuum, clean up all the animal poop.  I thought I would cut some fabric  so I could start piecing a WIP that I've had just about finished cutting over a year ago.  Well once I pulled everything out the wee one asked if she could stitch.  I said sure.  Then she said can I make my kitten a pillow?  I said sure.  She has never asked to make anything.  She has just been practicing sewing with a needle and thread with a couple of pieces of scraps.  Well today she said that she had to measure and cut equal sizes.  Well hello!  She really wants to sew.  Little did I realize that while I have been making costumes and quilts she has really been paying attention.  I asked her questions like, what do you need to do now and she would respond with the correct answers.  Then I pulled out my Bernina sewing machine and let her get to work.  She was so excited to be sewing on the "big" machine as she called it.  She was so proud of her work!  I am extremely grateful to the folks at Bernina who designed a little button that can be pushed to slow down the speed of the machine when the sewing pedal is pressed down.  That made it much easier for the wee one to complete her project efficiently and safely.

day 87 I am thankful for the gift I have been able to give my daughter today.  I taught myself to sew over the past few years and now I am teaching the wee one how to do the same.  Next she will be making a quilt of her own!

day 92

I got home from work tonight and cooked up a super yummy whole30 qualified meal (I'll touch on that in another post).  We all sat together ate and laughed.  After our meal the wee one ran outside to get back to her excavation site.  As you may recall from day 99 we began digging for dinosaurs.  Oh the screams of joy that came from outside as the final dinosaur bones were successfully extracted from their resting place.  Time to build a dinosaur!

day 92 I am so thankful for you!  Tonight was full of peace in our home.  There was creativity, laughing, good food and lots of hugs.  My heart is full tonight and with a little help from daddy the wee one pieced together her very own Tyrannosaurus Rex.


day 98...

BACK TO SCHOOL!  When we first moved to Sonoma County we moved to an area that did NOT fit our yearly salaries.  The wee one started attending a school where she was immediately judged.  I homeschooled kindergarten and well that was greatly looked down upon.  After a few weeks we were informed that she should be moved down from first grade back to kindergarten.  WHAT!  When I asked for solutions I was given none by her teacher.  I was told she would just have to struggle.  My bright, full of energy wee one's soul was being crushed slowly.  She called herself a failure everyday.  Those are words we never spoke to her.  It was clear that this Distinguished California School was not a good fit.  We were told that the children in her first grade class had been together since Pre K and have been learning together since a young age.  Well excuse me if I'm not raising a career student.  It is first grade!  Well luckily we were able to blow that popsicle stand before the end of first grade.  Thanks to our amazing neighbor in the new neighborhood we bought a house in we are in an amazing school.  She helped us with securing a spot at the school she taught first grade in.  The wee one is thriving there!  They saw where she was struggling and taught her as an individual student.  They took the time.  They cared.  They are helping our wee one grow into a confident young person.  On day 98 I am thankful for a new school year in a school that will help make my daughter a confident and positive thinking individual.  Here is to 2nd grade!  We are moving forward and not backward.