northern california pet photographer

day 67

I tend to not treat the dogs with artificial flavored crummy treats.  They go crazy over fresh vegetables which they rarely get.  I have Jasper a piece of cauliflower and like all things I give him he slowly nibbles and enjoys each little piece.

day 67 thank you for a dog who does not inhale his food and who likes to enjoy every little bite.

day 84

Learning about photography is something that I am constantly doing.  Today I picked up a couple of rolls of developed photos.  Yes I'm teaching myself how to shoot film.  I have two cameras.  A Canon EOS REBEL XS N which offers me the flexibility of using my current lenses which is really cool and a 38 year old Canon AE-1 Program.  The really fun thing about this film project that I am working on is that all of the film is super old expired film!  It was living in a freezer at NASA!  The Johnson Space Center to be exact.  

These are some of the first images and boy are they crummy!  

day 84 I am thankful for this new adventure.  I am realizing that I don't truly "see" light sometimes.  Digital is super easy now.  I feel like I'm learning exposure all over again!

The wee one took this photo of me when I was taking photos of her using the Canon AE-1.  

I'm realizing that I need to NOT let the film sit in my camera for several months.  A wee Jasper.  Look at those colors though!

day 85

My creatures who provide love and comfort.  I decided to photograph the furry ones in the house this evening.  They rarely complain and if you feed them you are their best friend.  I haven't taken many new images of the kitty (Vanellope Von Schweetz) since we got her.  She has really fit into our little pack very well.  Actually she was either a dog in a past life or she just thinks she is a dog.  They all run around the house and play with each other and sleep on the sofa together.  Since I am taking photos of the kitty I might as well photograph the dogs.  Plus when I take photos of them it is a great training exercise for sit stays.  It is a win, win!

day 85 I am thankful for these three who will work for treats and who get along so surprisingly well!