mom blogger

day 89

Posting a little late.  I had to fix my silly computer.  It decided to play games with me.

For school the wee one is working on a me collage that will be displayed in her classroom.  Along with the me collage she will do a presentation in class letting her new classmates know a little bit about her.  So what does the wee one like right now?  What are the qualities that I adore about her?  Well here are a few...

Her favorite color is pink.  She loves music!  She loves to dance!  She loves her new kitten who puts up with being carried around in a backpack and swaddled in blankets.  The wee one is really enjoying reading independently now that her reading skills are growing.  Her new favorite movies are The Force Awakens and The Little Prince.  She is becoming pretty witty.  As an example my dad was visiting and she became a little sassy.  My dad said to her "Girl if I said that to my dad he would have took his belt off and beat my butt."  To which she replied, "But grandpa then his pants would fall off."  All he could do was laugh at her and shake his head.  The wee one is very strong spirited, clever, loving, a small thing oh can I go on and on.

day 89 I am thankful for the quiet evening spent cutting out letters and pictures from magazines that allowed me to focus on all of the really amazing qualities that makes this young person shine.