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The Bloom Collective | Low Light

 I am part of an amazing group of photographers contributing to a bi weekly blog post over at Bloom.  

The theme for this week is "low light" .

Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 50mm f/1.2

1/250, f/1.2, ISO 2500

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day 58

Oh the sweetness!  I don't snoop.  I promise!  The wee one showed me this and said she has a diary.  She named is Loow (like Lou).  Where did she come up with the name Loow?  Well she said after she fills all of the pages up she will give it to me to read and I can get her a new diary.

day 58 thank you for simple ideas from the wee one.  The fact that she said I can read it made my heart so happy!

How sweet is this?  The entry she read me tonight talked about the airplane and the firefighters who worked to put the fire out.  She is logging daily activities.  I love it!

day 68

The joy of reading!  I thought the day would never come when the wee one picked up a book and just read for fun.  This year she has really hit the ground running with reading and I am so happy!  Books are everywhere in our home.  We visit the library regularly and I never hesitate to purchase a book she is interested in.  We had our struggles with reading last year and she continues to work her but off to get to where she needs to be.

day 68 thank you for the love of reading.

day 81

Family time on day 81.  We went to this crazy place called Wacky Tacky.  If you live near Rancho Cordova I highly recommend this place.  Wacky Tacky is a place where kids can run around on giant playgrounds with ball pit and air guns to shoot those balls at each other with.  SO.MUCH.FUN.  The last time we hung out with our cousins it was under rather different circumstances due to the loss of a loved one.  Today we celebrated a birthday!

The wee one absolutely loves her little cousin who we celebrated turning 8.  She will sometimes sit at home and cry because a few months may have past since we have seen him.  This wee child has a huge heart and she wears it on her sleeve.  As much as we all laughed today when it was time to leave the wee one wouldn't hug her cousin because she did not want to say goodbye.  She hugged me and said she was going to wait until we got to the car to cry because she didn't want to cry in front of her cousin.  Sure enough we get to the car and she starts crying because she already misses him.  Not having family living near us is hard sometimes.  We miss our village of friends who became family.  I reminded her in the car how we have to be good each other because it is just the three of us and our love will outlast all loves.

day 81 was thankfully spent with family.  Family we love, family we can cry together with, family we can laugh together with.

day 89

Posting a little late.  I had to fix my silly computer.  It decided to play games with me.

For school the wee one is working on a me collage that will be displayed in her classroom.  Along with the me collage she will do a presentation in class letting her new classmates know a little bit about her.  So what does the wee one like right now?  What are the qualities that I adore about her?  Well here are a few...

Her favorite color is pink.  She loves music!  She loves to dance!  She loves her new kitten who puts up with being carried around in a backpack and swaddled in blankets.  The wee one is really enjoying reading independently now that her reading skills are growing.  Her new favorite movies are The Force Awakens and The Little Prince.  She is becoming pretty witty.  As an example my dad was visiting and she became a little sassy.  My dad said to her "Girl if I said that to my dad he would have took his belt off and beat my butt."  To which she replied, "But grandpa then his pants would fall off."  All he could do was laugh at her and shake his head.  The wee one is very strong spirited, clever, loving, a small thing oh can I go on and on.

day 89 I am thankful for the quiet evening spent cutting out letters and pictures from magazines that allowed me to focus on all of the really amazing qualities that makes this young person shine.



day 95

Ballet season is upon us!  I was SHOCKED this week when the wee one said she did not want to do ballet.  I asked if she was sure and she said yes.  Instead of ballet she decided to take Ukelele lessons.  She wants to play the Ukelele like Lilo.  Well today I asked her again if she was sure about ballet and she said yes that she didn't want to make herself to busy after school everyday.  I again said ok and that it was great that she was able to experience a big stage performance last year.  She was an angel in The Nutcracker.  Now this is where you insert the big record scratch sound.  The wee one said oh no!  I won't be able to be a mouse this year in The Nutcracker.  With each level of ballet you move up you are a different character in the show.  Well that changed her mind REAL quick!  So ballet is on again for the season!

On day 96 I am thankful for a wee one who loves the arts!