lifes a labradoodle

day 93

I'm still not use to the light in our new home.  Actually I have barely shot in our new home since we moved in last November.  I'm not use to the light, I hate the brown trim which is SLOWLY being replaced with white trim and well honestly I didn't feel like shooting all that much.  

Tonight I was playing with the dogs and the light hit Jasper from behind and I gasped.  I LOVE to backlight!  I've only played with the light from the sun setting a few times at home.  I just can't seem to get it right.  They say that practice makes perfect and if I don't continue to shoot I will never get it right.  I am very lucky that I have patient dogs who will do just about anything for treats.  Jasper however is my curious one and loves to stick his nose right in the lens.  I shot this with my 35mm f/1.4.  By the time I was done he had licked the lens twice.

On day 93 I thank the sun for setting at what I thought was very slowly so I could snap away.  I thank Jasper for being so patient with me tonight.  He is my soul dog.  He knows when I need him.  He always offers a cuddle when I am feeling down and he always makes me laugh.  He is the biggest goofball around!