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Hai & D Say I Do | Part 1 | The First Look

I have to break this amazing wedding down into two parts because this destination wedding weekend was that amazing!  The day I flew into Salt Lake City we decided to enjoy a relaxed "first look" photo session which did not disappoint.

The sun was shinning, beautiful Liberty, Utah was our backdrop and I was photographing two of the most gorgeous brides I have ever seen!  It was absolutely magical.

Location: Liberty, Utah

Dresses: Bride Boutique Echo Park

Hai&D 20170706 001-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 018-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 003-Edit-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 006-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 009.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 017-Edit-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 037-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 023.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 024-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 030-Edit.jpg

You see, magical!