kodak tri x 400

day 80

Film!  I know I have mentioned already that I am learning how to shoot film.  The workshop I am in is great so far!  To be able to work on my art in a new light is very exciting.  I shot an entire roll of NEW Kodak TRI-X 400 today.  Yes I have a ton of old expired NASA film but I want to make sure everything is right while I am learning.

The wee one and I sat outside at two different times of the day in different lighting scenarios playing with chalk and pretending to make magic potions.  I shot a few images with my Canon 5D MarkIII to compare the exposure my light meter was giving me.  I was pretty close.  Below is a shot on my DSLR.  I can't wait to compare it to the black and white scans that I will be getting back soon.

day 80 thank you for bringing back some of the joy I have lost in photography.  I am thinking again.  Seeing the light, figuring out the settings in my head.  Having fun!