dino dig

day 92

I got home from work tonight and cooked up a super yummy whole30 qualified meal (I'll touch on that in another post).  We all sat together ate and laughed.  After our meal the wee one ran outside to get back to her excavation site.  As you may recall from day 99 we began digging for dinosaurs.  Oh the screams of joy that came from outside as the final dinosaur bones were successfully extracted from their resting place.  Time to build a dinosaur!

day 92 I am so thankful for you!  Tonight was full of peace in our home.  There was creativity, laughing, good food and lots of hugs.  My heart is full tonight and with a little help from daddy the wee one pieced together her very own Tyrannosaurus Rex.


day 99...

As I am on my way home the wee one called asking me about a package that I received.  I knew exactly what it was.  I wanted it to be a surprise for her but of course she went ahead and opened the Amazon box anyway.  Mommy it's my dinosaurs!  During the weekend we went to the Gravenstein Apple Fair and in the kids area the Charles Schultz museum had a "dino dig" area.  She dug for bones for about 45 minutes that day.  So I promised her that I would find the same thing and she could dig for dinosaur bones.  I need to make sure not to skip the part where a little boy was waiting at the fair to also dig for dinosaur bones and we had to ask her to step away from the table to let another wee one have a turn (no other parents did that by the way).  Then come the water works.  Oh the misery for about 5 minutes.  Well today the dinosaurs came and all was right with the world (for about an hour away).  I am thankful that I have a child who loves to explore and learn.  So shall we dig for dinosaur bones...


Every good paleontologist needs a sidekick!