commercial photographer

day 59

Today was a quiet very relaxing day.  Well some may not see it as relaxing but I did.  We got up early hit an antique fair, visited the flea market where I picked up two awesome cast iron skillets and went grocery shopping.  After we came home I started cleaning up to prep dinner when I heard a very loud airplane and helicopter outside.  I thought oh cool the 2nd day of the air show is happening and some planes must be flying over I went outside and saw this from the backyard.

I immediately grabbed my phone and snapped this shot.  What in the world?

My biggest fear!  A fire broke out on the other side of that hill.  From the backyard I went to the front yard.  As I was standing out there the fire marshall was driving through the neighborhood to let us all know how they were aggressively attacking the fire and reassured me that with the immediate air support they requested it was not going to get out of control.  Cal Fire headed up the attack with 3 planes and 2 helicopter plus there were around 150 firefighters on the ground according to the newspaper.  

day 59 thank you for the fast acting firefighters who took on this small 10 acre fire in 90+ degree weather.

Across the street view of the plane dropping fire retardant on the top of the hill.

day 62

Old doors!  Old doors that will be replaced soon are making me happy today.  I thought the dogs had zero interest in the cat litter box.  I was wrong!  So hubby took the door off and cut a hole in it so the dogs can't go in anymore.  The cat had no problem adjusting to the quick change.  Luckily these doors will be replaced and a proper cat door will be installed.

day 62 thank you for replaceable doors and the hubby who quickly fixed our problem!

day 66

Oh fall how I love thee!

Soups, boots, fall colors, leaves on the ground and SUNFLOWERS!  I don't know why I associate sunflowers with fall but I do!  Sunflowers are my favorite flower and just make me happy.  I picked up a bouquet and somehow my home seemed a little brighter.

day 66 thank you for the beauty a small bouquet of my favorite flowers can bring to my kitchen.

day 67

I tend to not treat the dogs with artificial flavored crummy treats.  They go crazy over fresh vegetables which they rarely get.  I have Jasper a piece of cauliflower and like all things I give him he slowly nibbles and enjoys each little piece.

day 67 thank you for a dog who does not inhale his food and who likes to enjoy every little bite.

day 68

The joy of reading!  I thought the day would never come when the wee one picked up a book and just read for fun.  This year she has really hit the ground running with reading and I am so happy!  Books are everywhere in our home.  We visit the library regularly and I never hesitate to purchase a book she is interested in.  We had our struggles with reading last year and she continues to work her but off to get to where she needs to be.

day 68 thank you for the love of reading.

day 69

For the love of music!  The wee one started ukulele lessons.  She is loving it.  Music is something that everyone needs more of.  I don't care what type of music it is.  We will break into dance whenever we hear our favorite song.  Right now we are loving "Can't Stop The Feeling" by Justin Timberlake right now.  

When the wee one said she wanted to take ukulele lessons I was 100% on board for it.

day 69 thank you for "cherry" the red ukulele that will bring a new sound of joy to our home. 

day 70

Oh happy day!

I received my first set of scans back!  Most of the images are purely for learning purposes so the composition is pretty crummy but some I really worked on and they came out ok.  It has been so much fun slowing down the process of creating an image and seeing the light a new way.  Learning how to use a light meter and trust my meter has been a struggle.  I am so use to my Canon 5D Mark III.  I am not sure how much I will shoot film because it is rather pricey.  But so far I am hooked and addicted to it.  I have a bunch of new film sitting in the freezer right now.  Plus all of that expired film in there too.  I can't wait until I am confident in my film photography.  There is something about film that just can't be captured digitally.  The presets that I have to make digital images look like film are good but there is nothing like the real thing!

I shot this roll with my Canon AE-1 Program and a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400.

day 70 thank you for the small surprise that was delivered in my scans.  I'm happy there were a handful of images that I can be proud of.