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day 83

The last time the wee one was at the doctor's office for a check up was after she turned 5 (I know they say go every year).  I'm not counting the ER visit when she cracked her head open either.  We have taught her to live a fairly healthy lifestyle.  She proudly told her new doctor today that she loves lettuce, peas, broccoli and many other vegetables.  Luckily no shots were required, big sigh of relief  because I did not want to argue with the doctor about that.  The wee one is hearing, seeing and feeling well and that is so much more than anything I could ever be thankful for!

day 83 I am thankful for the healthy, energetic, curious and funny wee one we have.

day 87

Today wasn't incredibly exciting.  It was your average Sunday.  Do laundry, make sure school stuff is ready for Monday, vacuum, clean up all the animal poop.  I thought I would cut some fabric  so I could start piecing a WIP that I've had just about finished cutting over a year ago.  Well once I pulled everything out the wee one asked if she could stitch.  I said sure.  Then she said can I make my kitten a pillow?  I said sure.  She has never asked to make anything.  She has just been practicing sewing with a needle and thread with a couple of pieces of scraps.  Well today she said that she had to measure and cut equal sizes.  Well hello!  She really wants to sew.  Little did I realize that while I have been making costumes and quilts she has really been paying attention.  I asked her questions like, what do you need to do now and she would respond with the correct answers.  Then I pulled out my Bernina sewing machine and let her get to work.  She was so excited to be sewing on the "big" machine as she called it.  She was so proud of her work!  I am extremely grateful to the folks at Bernina who designed a little button that can be pushed to slow down the speed of the machine when the sewing pedal is pressed down.  That made it much easier for the wee one to complete her project efficiently and safely.

day 87 I am thankful for the gift I have been able to give my daughter today.  I taught myself to sew over the past few years and now I am teaching the wee one how to do the same.  Next she will be making a quilt of her own!

day 89

Posting a little late.  I had to fix my silly computer.  It decided to play games with me.

For school the wee one is working on a me collage that will be displayed in her classroom.  Along with the me collage she will do a presentation in class letting her new classmates know a little bit about her.  So what does the wee one like right now?  What are the qualities that I adore about her?  Well here are a few...

Her favorite color is pink.  She loves music!  She loves to dance!  She loves her new kitten who puts up with being carried around in a backpack and swaddled in blankets.  The wee one is really enjoying reading independently now that her reading skills are growing.  Her new favorite movies are The Force Awakens and The Little Prince.  She is becoming pretty witty.  As an example my dad was visiting and she became a little sassy.  My dad said to her "Girl if I said that to my dad he would have took his belt off and beat my butt."  To which she replied, "But grandpa then his pants would fall off."  All he could do was laugh at her and shake his head.  The wee one is very strong spirited, clever, loving, a small thing oh can I go on and on.

day 89 I am thankful for the quiet evening spent cutting out letters and pictures from magazines that allowed me to focus on all of the really amazing qualities that makes this young person shine.



The Wee One | 5 Minute Photo Session | Be Good To People | Northern California Photographer

The Wee One | 5 Minute Photo Session | Be Good To People | Northern California Photographer

I love our 5 minute photo sessions.  This is when I catch the wee one doing something silly and I get super excited and say keep going!

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Jiggy Day 2013...

Jiggy Day 2013...

As you may recall we celebrated Jiggy Day 2012 with 20 things I love about Halia Rae. Jiggy Day is a special day because it is a celebration of life.  A celebration of our children.  Who they were, who they are and who they are going to be.  This year my good friend Lisa's daughter Jocie...

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