canon ae-1

day 70

Oh happy day!

I received my first set of scans back!  Most of the images are purely for learning purposes so the composition is pretty crummy but some I really worked on and they came out ok.  It has been so much fun slowing down the process of creating an image and seeing the light a new way.  Learning how to use a light meter and trust my meter has been a struggle.  I am so use to my Canon 5D Mark III.  I am not sure how much I will shoot film because it is rather pricey.  But so far I am hooked and addicted to it.  I have a bunch of new film sitting in the freezer right now.  Plus all of that expired film in there too.  I can't wait until I am confident in my film photography.  There is something about film that just can't be captured digitally.  The presets that I have to make digital images look like film are good but there is nothing like the real thing!

I shot this roll with my Canon AE-1 Program and a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400.

day 70 thank you for the small surprise that was delivered in my scans.  I'm happy there were a handful of images that I can be proud of.

day 77

As the last week went by and I continue to learn about film I am excited that I picked up this amazing new to me camera!  The Canon EOS 3.  It is a fantastic film camera and these will be the two bodies I shoot film with.  Still waiting on last week's black and white scans to get to me.  We are currently learning about color film.  Who knew there was such a huge difference.  

day 77 thank you for safely delivering my eBay purchase to me!  I got an amazing deal on this fully functioning big body!

day 80

Film!  I know I have mentioned already that I am learning how to shoot film.  The workshop I am in is great so far!  To be able to work on my art in a new light is very exciting.  I shot an entire roll of NEW Kodak TRI-X 400 today.  Yes I have a ton of old expired NASA film but I want to make sure everything is right while I am learning.

The wee one and I sat outside at two different times of the day in different lighting scenarios playing with chalk and pretending to make magic potions.  I shot a few images with my Canon 5D MarkIII to compare the exposure my light meter was giving me.  I was pretty close.  Below is a shot on my DSLR.  I can't wait to compare it to the black and white scans that I will be getting back soon.

day 80 thank you for bringing back some of the joy I have lost in photography.  I am thinking again.  Seeing the light, figuring out the settings in my head.  Having fun!

day 84

Learning about photography is something that I am constantly doing.  Today I picked up a couple of rolls of developed photos.  Yes I'm teaching myself how to shoot film.  I have two cameras.  A Canon EOS REBEL XS N which offers me the flexibility of using my current lenses which is really cool and a 38 year old Canon AE-1 Program.  The really fun thing about this film project that I am working on is that all of the film is super old expired film!  It was living in a freezer at NASA!  The Johnson Space Center to be exact.  

These are some of the first images and boy are they crummy!  

day 84 I am thankful for this new adventure.  I am realizing that I don't truly "see" light sometimes.  Digital is super easy now.  I feel like I'm learning exposure all over again!

The wee one took this photo of me when I was taking photos of her using the Canon AE-1.  

I'm realizing that I need to NOT let the film sit in my camera for several months.  A wee Jasper.  Look at those colors though!