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Hai & D Say I Do | Part 1 | The First Look

I have to break this amazing wedding down into two parts because this destination wedding weekend was that amazing!  The day I flew into Salt Lake City we decided to enjoy a relaxed "first look" photo session which did not disappoint.

The sun was shinning, beautiful Liberty, Utah was our backdrop and I was photographing two of the most gorgeous brides I have ever seen!  It was absolutely magical.

Location: Liberty, Utah

Dresses: Bride Boutique Echo Park

Hai&D 20170706 001-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 018-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 003-Edit-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 006-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 009.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 017-Edit-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 037-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 023.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 024-Edit.jpg
Hai&D 20170706 030-Edit.jpg

You see, magical!  


day 69

For the love of music!  The wee one started ukulele lessons.  She is loving it.  Music is something that everyone needs more of.  I don't care what type of music it is.  We will break into dance whenever we hear our favorite song.  Right now we are loving "Can't Stop The Feeling" by Justin Timberlake right now.  

When the wee one said she wanted to take ukulele lessons I was 100% on board for it.

day 69 thank you for "cherry" the red ukulele that will bring a new sound of joy to our home. 

day 72

Mom take my picture!  The wee one received a new poster of the one and only #19, Jumbo Joe, Big Joe, Joe Thornton.  When daddy brought it home to her she immediately hung it up right above her bed.  She has always taken a liking to Joe Thornton.  It started when she was a wee wee one and we just happened to be at Sharks Ice while the Sharks were practicing.  We were just standing around minding our own business when the Sharks started walking by.  Joe stopped and said hi to the wee one and gave her a fist bump.  Those few moments made her a fan for life!  We have been to a couple of Sharks games and she is always screaming and yelling for Joe.

day 72 thank you for the little things that big people do in our lives.

Katie | Lodi California Maternity Photography | California Central Valley Photographer

Katie | Lodi California Maternity Photography | California Central Valley Photographer

Katie is welcoming baby number 2.  She is incredibly adorable right?  Exactly one week after our photo session a sweet little 7 pound baby girl named Sophie entered the world.

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