100 days

day 96


I first picked up a camera 6 years ago and learned from one of the best!  Karen Russell over at Snapshots of a Good Life.  Little did I know that I would be where I am today in my photography career.  I run a portrait photography business and work full time as an in house commercial photographer for Lowepro and JOBY.

I decided I would pull out my Canon AE-1 to take some images today and a few still life images of this classic Canon (something I have never done since I got it).  Little did I know that those photos would never happen because my wee one decided she wanted to take it for a spin.  I put a new roll of film in it and said have at it.  I showed her how to focus and how to advance the film.  Well she used up an entire roll of film and tomorrow we will take our film over to Shutterbug to have it developed.  On day 96 I am thankful for photography.  It is a therapy for me, a career and makes my heart happy.

100 days...

A good photography friend of mine Misty.  Who is a phenomenal photographer is working on a project counting down the days to Thanksgiving.  She has also incorporated a gratitude journal into her 100 days.  When I heard she was doing this I thought why not give it a go as well!

With the way life can sometimes treat us we often look past the good and immediately focus on the bad.  A few weeks back I made the decision to focus on good and see the positive in all things.  My husband calls it seeing life through my Disney eyes.  What is so wrong with Disney?  I did spend a great deal of time working there and it is a place of love and joy for my wee one and me.  So here it goes!  100 days of gratitude...

Day 100 (I'm counting down)

Today when I got home from work my wee one ran out the door to greet me wearing these glasses.  She hasn't worn them in a LONG time.  They are the glasses to an old Halloween costume.  Can you guess which one?  Waldo!  I am so thankful that these glasses have survived 4 years, a toddler playing with them, dogs picking them up in their mouth and two house moves!

Just for the fun of it a photo from June of 2013