day 74

Today started out early.  I was ready to head out to transport/house a dog who is stuck in a shelter but that ended up being cancelled.  Luckily the pup is in good hands at the shelter and is not in danger of losing her life.  Since the jail break was called off I asked the wee one if she wanted to hit some garage sales.  She's always up for an adventure.  We headed out around 9:45 and made to about 10 different yard/garage sales.  All but the last one were duds.  I thought the last one was going to be crummy when I only saw a few things in the garage.  Then he said go inside the sale is the house.  They are moving out.  Yippee!  After the sweet old man gave the wee one a stuffed animal because she was cute (as he said) we headed in.  Boy was there a ton to look at.  The owner was a very sweet lady who's older kids were running the sale.  I immediately spotted two cast iron skillets in the kitchen.  No price tag.  Then I saw some other vintage kitchen items that I knew I had to have.  Crap I only had $20 on me.  Last weekend the cast iron skillets at the antique shop where about $40-$80 each.  I knew I wouldn't have enough for everything I wanted.  We chatted for a while, nothing personal mostly about the wee one because she thought was a sweetheart.  The wee one scored another free stuffed animal from her.  I could have stood there and talked to her for a while as I held the cast iron skillets caked in grease which cooked who knows how many meals.  I asked how much and she $5.  Sold!  I walked out of there with those heavy pans in my hands and a skipping wee one because she received two free stuffed animals.  We were both happy!  As we headed out I looked back and smiled at the family as we left and noticed a younger women with a baby and another gentlemen sitting next to her on a sofa.  They were not smiling and they actually looked rather heart broken.  It made me think why are all of these belongings being sold?  Where is her husband because she was wearing a wedding ring.  Why when I walked out with the skillets did the women collecting my money seem to struggle to smile at me.  All along the beautiful mom, grandma, wife was very cheerful and happy to speak with me and a sweet young child, as she called her.

day 74 thank you for the brief moment I was able to spend with this stranger.  She touched my heart without even knowing it.  I will be cooking meals for my family in these skillets just as she did for many years.  Now to clean them!  This may take a while.

The Wee One | 5 Minute Photo Session | Be Good To People | Northern California Photographer

The Wee One | 5 Minute Photo Session | Be Good To People | Northern California Photographer

I love our 5 minute photo sessions.  This is when I catch the wee one doing something silly and I get super excited and say keep going!

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