day 79

How wonderful today was!  The wee one and I made an antique shopping list.  She LOVES antique shopping.  How lucky am I right?!?!?

My list...

  • Canon EOS 3 - a much better film camera
  • Pyrex - the pretty blue pattern I am collecting
  • Vintage rack to hang quilts on

The Wee One's list...


Well hello!  After hitting two antique stores tucked away under a vintage toy phone, you know the one in Toy Story.  The wee one spotted something.  I was in another booth when I heard a rather loud, I FOUND ONE, I FOUND ONE!

We could have gone to buy a newer version of a jack in the music box but I thought the idea of hunting and finding a really cool old one would be awesome!  Who knew our first day out she would find it.  To be exact this is a 1971 Jack in the Music Box by Mattel. I found nothing on my list but most importantly the wee one found her one thing.

day 79 thank you for the wonderful surprise in the antique shop.