day 59

Today was a quiet very relaxing day.  Well some may not see it as relaxing but I did.  We got up early hit an antique fair, visited the flea market where I picked up two awesome cast iron skillets and went grocery shopping.  After we came home I started cleaning up to prep dinner when I heard a very loud airplane and helicopter outside.  I thought oh cool the 2nd day of the air show is happening and some planes must be flying over I went outside and saw this from the backyard.

I immediately grabbed my phone and snapped this shot.  What in the world?

My biggest fear!  A fire broke out on the other side of that hill.  From the backyard I went to the front yard.  As I was standing out there the fire marshall was driving through the neighborhood to let us all know how they were aggressively attacking the fire and reassured me that with the immediate air support they requested it was not going to get out of control.  Cal Fire headed up the attack with 3 planes and 2 helicopter plus there were around 150 firefighters on the ground according to the newspaper.  

day 59 thank you for the fast acting firefighters who took on this small 10 acre fire in 90+ degree weather.

Across the street view of the plane dropping fire retardant on the top of the hill.