day 76

A huge part of the wee one's daily education is reading.  If it is forced then of course there will be complaining about it.  Every night she is required to read at least 20 minutes as part of her homework.  She has been complaining about not knowing when her time is up and constantly ask if her time is up.  I recall this past summer that my brother said or maybe it was his wife that said their son uses an egg timer.  Who knew that just purchasing a cute little piggie timer would save a bunch of time and that there would be no more complaining.  This seriously is the best $7 I have ever spent!

day 76 thank you for little reminders from parents who struggle with the same issues I do.  By the way she likes to hear it tick so she sets it for longer than 20 minutes and reads until it dings.  A little control over something you don't want to do can go a long way!