day 91

People come and go from your life for many reasons.  The people that stay though are the good ones.  The ones you need to hold on to.  I have always struggled with making friends.  I think that is because there is WAY too much competition out there.  Accept people for who they are.  If you like them keep them around!  Don't compete, don't be jealous, don't try to out do them and never think you are better than anyone else!  

When I lived in the central valley I had a handful of friends "my village".  We would laugh and cry together weekly.  They are still part of my daily life even though it is through Facebook.  Several people who I have grown to adore over the past year since I've moved are no longer part of my daily life (my work day).  They have moved on however they have chosen to continue to be part of my life.  Friendships are not easy.  I think they are harder than marriage sometimes.  You HAVE to work to keep those friendships alive.

day 91 (yesterday) I give thanks for the beautiful sunset I shared with friends.  For saying goodbye to another day together.  We had a drink, we ate good food, we laughed!