day 95

Ballet season is upon us!  I was SHOCKED this week when the wee one said she did not want to do ballet.  I asked if she was sure and she said yes.  Instead of ballet she decided to take Ukelele lessons.  She wants to play the Ukelele like Lilo.  Well today I asked her again if she was sure about ballet and she said yes that she didn't want to make herself to busy after school everyday.  I again said ok and that it was great that she was able to experience a big stage performance last year.  She was an angel in The Nutcracker.  Now this is where you insert the big record scratch sound.  The wee one said oh no!  I won't be able to be a mouse this year in The Nutcracker.  With each level of ballet you move up you are a different character in the show.  Well that changed her mind REAL quick!  So ballet is on again for the season!

On day 96 I am thankful for a wee one who loves the arts!