The Wee One | 5 Minute Photo Session | Be Good To People | Northern California Photographer

I love our 5 minute photo sessions.  This is when I catch the wee one doing something silly and I get super excited and say keep going!  I grab my camera and ask her for 5 minutes of her precious time.  

5 minutes with a new Be Good To People hat that she thought was so cool because of the poof ball on top.

8:12:08 pm

8:12:33 pm

8:12:40 pm

8:12:50 pm

8:14:16 pm

8:14:31 pm

8:15:28 pm

8:15:35 pm

8:16:09 pm

That's it mom!  No more photos!

Model: my wee one
Location: the hallway near her bedroom

Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L
Canon 600ex-rt

You can get that super cute hat at