Jiggy Day 2016

October 8th has come around again and it is the day to celebrate life, love and happiness!  It is Jiggy Day.  The day we celebrate my good friend Lisa's angel girl.  The wee one and I have been making this a special day for the past 4 years now.  

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I wasn't sure what our day was going to be like.  I had planned our activity with matching shirts and all.  The wee one unfortunately was sick.  She layed low on Friday and I asked her Friday night if she was still up to our outing.  She looked at me with all seriousness and said, "YES I am.  We HAVE to go celebrate because she (Jocie) can't."  The heart on this child amazes me!  I said ok and let her know that we had to be up early so could beat the heat.  It was going to be warm In Glen Ellen.

So off we set to explore Jack London State Park in Glen Ellen!

We visited the museum first before hiking a couple of miles to the grave site and Wolf House ruins.

The Wolf House ruins.  The 15,000 square foot home burned down in 1911 before he could even live in it.  Unfortunately he died before he could rebuild.

Gotta love a self timer!  This is the best we could do!  Ha!

Anybody up for a side of jiggystick with your cake?  The wee one was super impressed with herself when she ordered the chocolate overload cake!

Then off to the toy shop.  She really wanted to take home the baby baby grand piano.

But went with some glitter lip gloss instead and a pot with marigold seeds that she painted up.

The message from the day.  Have courage and be kind.  I fell in love with this shirt from MKM Supply Co.  I knew they would be perfect for the two of us to have!

So as we say goodnight on Jiggy Day we are reminded to have courage, be kind, to love fully and have fun!