Jiggy Day 2015

I had to work on Jiggy Day but that didn't mean we wouldn't be celebrating!

I had the Canadian meet me with the wee one after work so we could hang out and enjoy a game of mini golf, some arcade games and of course dinner together.

After you get frustrated of not making it in following the rules you improvise!

As the photographer but also the mom I need to remember to get into the photos more!  I always have my little remote trigger with me.

We did NOT win a free game!

We end out night with dinner at our favorite place, In-N-Out.

Don't ever forget to love those around you!  Every Jiggy Day I remember my very good friend Lisa's sweet girl who left this earth too soon.  You will always be in my heart Jocie.  I love stronger, I laugh louder and I live everyday to the fullest with my precious sweet wee one.  

So go celebrate Jiggy Day!  Eat that extra desert, buy that one thing you have been wanting, go laugh and make memories.  I love you Garlic family!