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If you have ever had a photo session with me then you will recognize RJ.  He carries my gear, holds reflectors and is there to lend a hand creatively as well.  He is a pretty good photographer himself!  I was finally able to talk him into letting me photograph his beautiful family.  Of course he still wanted to help carry gear and hold a reflector.  Not today RJ!  I have known this family for some time now.  We have become very close friends and I love them like family.How beautiful are they!?!?!  Meet RJ, Katie and Cora.

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These two are so adorable together.  Always cracking jokes with or at each other.  Now photographing them was a big laugh at points because well they are both REALLY tall.  Maybe not that big but hey...compared to my barely 5 foot 1 tall height I needed a step stool.

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They are also amazing first time parents.

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You would think that by the end of the session the wee one Cora would be done, but no!  She was on fire and giving me some of the best smiles!

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