Jiggy Day 2013...

As you may recall we celebrated Jiggy Day 2012 with 20 things I love about the wee one. Jiggy Day is a special day because it is a celebration of life.  A celebration of our children.  Who they were, who they are and who they are going to be.  This year my good friend Lisa's daughter Jocie would have been 21.  I am very fortunate to know Lisa and know Jocie through Lisa.I promise to celebrate Jiggy Day (October 8th) every year.  To remember who the wee one is on this day and celebrate it.  To...as the Garlick family says "Go Big or Go Home!"

Here is how we spent our Jiggy Day...yes it is a TON of images but they are worth the time and hey you may see a video at the end of the post!

We attempted to visit NOT 1 NOT 2 BUT 3 cupcake shops. ALL 3 were closed! Who keeps a cupcake shop closed?

Next door to closed cupcake shop #3 was Spanky's Dog House (FYI...Spanky's Dog House may alert the bank to verify the charge).

Is there something in my teeth? She thought this was super funny!

Yes I let my child play with knives. She asked if she could cut her hot dog up on her own. Why not???

Of course the wee one gets to decide what she wears a majority of the time. I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle socks with the cute little ballet shoes. Those are her Alice shoes for Halloween and her FAVORITE pair of shoes right now.

Little hot dog treat to end the meal.

Next we ventured off to Sycamore Grove Park in Livermore. This is the dreamiest place to photograph! The lighting is constantly changing due to all of the growth so there is a great variety of moods you can capture (there is the photographer talking).

I will just let you enjoy the magic of this place and a child's imagination. I'll set the scene a bit. The moment the wee one put her dress on it was as if she was taken to another world. The wee one immediately became Cinderella in her dress "before the big pretty blue one." as she described and I was the Fairy Godmother (phew it could have been worse).

Of course we don't leave home without our Jiggystick!

I could share them all but I don't think you want to see 120 some odd photos of the wee one! We then headed to In N Out. Since it is Jiggy Day we ate nothing but junk food!

She dances everywhere we go!

It was so sweet to watch her play knock knock with the UPS guy sitting inside.

To end the day a new toy!

Happy Jiggy Day! Love those near you and tell them how important they are everyday! I love you my sweet wee one! I love you Jocie! I love you Lisa and Dean and the rest of the Garlick crew...fur ones included. You have taught me to be a better person and to Go Big or Go Home!