Jiggy Day 2012

Today is Jiggy Day!  As I read my friend Lisa's blog post and then my friend Marilou's blog post I wanted to do this for the wee one.  The other day I was just telling a couple of friends how incredible she is.  I wanted to do this to make sure I remember how cool she is at the very small age of 3.

1.   how helpful she is with house work
2.   her big MONSTER hugs
3.   reading bedtime stories in bed together
4.   her beautiful brown, blond & red hair
5.   working in the garden with her
6.   her curiosity in how things work
7.   building things together
8.   how independent she is
9.   how she loves music
10. her determination
11. baking with her
12. how brave she is
13. how she loves her daddy
14. our rides down the slide
15. her love for In N Out
16. the little freckles that are starting to appear
17. how she makes friends everywhere she goes
18. the sparkle in her beautiful brown eyes
19. her love for taking pictures of her own
20. how she loves to use her imagination