2 + 4 = Lots of love! | Adams Family | Northern California, San Joaquin County Family Photographer

The more and more time I spend photographing families the more I fall in love with family sessions.  On this day we met at Sycamore Grove Park in Livermore California.  Oh my is this location beautiful!  I went back the following week and took my Christmas card pictures here (I'll share those later).  Lots of trees for the boys to climb and tons of leaves to run in.  The Adams family was by far the funnest family to shoot.  We played games, we talked, we ran around and boy did I enjoy every minute of it!  I felt very honored to photograph such a beautiful family.  I got to know each boy individually.


Meet the Adams family...all 6 of them!


4 is the smallest. I could squeeze those cheeks for days!



1 is the toughest one!



3 is the hardest one to catch!



2 is the sweetest one!



Put all 4 together and this is what you get.



Add 1 and 1 to 4 and that makes 6!



Here are the 2 who hold it all together!



I just love the shots that I caught as we were wrapping things up.  Are we done yet?